Crazy Moon


I am billy bensing


Billy began playing guitar at ten. His first paid gig was in France, as a teenager. Though he was born in the U.S., he did a bit of world travelling thanks to his adventurous mother, Noelle. From France the family emmigrated to Australia where Billy was spotted by a talent agent and cast in the stage production of The Rocky Horror Show. After a year run with Australia's beloved and award-winning top entertainer, Reg Livermore, Billy decided to head back to the States to pursue a career in music. Teaming up with singer/songwriter, Brian Lambert, he worked his trade for several years in the Los Angeles area. Taking the advice of his friend Christopher Taylor, he visited the Gold Country of Northern California. Ready to leave the big city anyway, Bensing instantly made plans to relocate to the beautiful foothills of Grass Valley. He has been there ever since, working full-time as a performer and guitar instructor.





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Crazy Moon

by Billy Bensing